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The world’s longest sea bridge

At 26.4 miles, it's as long as a marathon.

The world's longest bridge over sea water opened July 1st to general traffic at China's eastern port city of QingDao. JiaoZhou Bay is located on the southern coast of the ShanDong Peninsula. which separates HuangDao District from QingDao City and borders on two other cities: JiaoZhou and JiaoNan. The QingDao Haiwan Bridge, with a total length of 42.4 kilometres, would easily cross the English Channel.

[video v=jLCxIB2PwMM]

The world’s highest bridge

SiDuHe suspension bridge is the highest bridge in the world (drop).

The first film shows SiDuHe bridge. While the Royal Gorge Bridge in America is a mighty 291 m (955 feet) high, the distance from the bridge to the bottom of the steep gorge at SiDeHu is a whopping 472 m (1,549 ft)! It is 1.2 km long (the central span is 900m) and opened at the end of 2009. It lies on the route from Shanghai to ChengDu in HuBei province.

The next two films show the LongTanHe Viaduct (also in HuBei province). This only just makes the top 40 highest bridges but as you will see from the videos, its almost 200m height is still most impressive; and another engineering marvel.

[video v=WP1rZrB9SZI] [video v=GMKhZWpS5lM] [video v=UhmACsg36gw]

High-speed Hong Kong 香港

Travel through Hong Kong at around 500 - 800 km / hour ...

[video v=oFU3xznqRmY start=22]
[video v=zNSab3alh6k start=35]

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