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GeekArt visits the 798 Arts Zone, DaShanZi, BeiJing

With Jason Zhang ...

[video v=KhdmgiAJZno]

Nothing really ends ... there's always an echo ... but what will that be ... ?


The 798 艺术区 Arts Zone at DaShanZi in Beijing

North east Beijing. An area of disused factories born again as galleries, cafes, bookshops, boutiques ...

[video v=xEdR5EOaHVw]
[video v=RL50dLu5nCg c=2]
[video v=86-4jxLTVn0 c=2]
[video v=tB3iM8TyoTQ c=2]
[video v=d7ix3QypvIY c=2]
[video v=IhkYBgorjLE c=2]
[video v=nT6a95bYyWU c=2]


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