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Four great romantic short stories from SiChuan province in south west China ... If you can, please help us out with a donation (see the top of the sidebar on the right)

* Tropical Hainan Island to Harbin in China's north east

* The Harbin Snow and Ice Festival (every January)

* Beijing - the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace and the Great Wall at Badaling

* ZhangJiaJie

* HuangShan

* Snowboarding at NanShan, Beijing

* Toboggan ride at MuTianYu Great Wall, Beijing

* XiangShan Park, Beijing

The exquisitely beautiful LiJiang (丽江) is located in YunNan province in south west China and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is populated mainly by the NaXi ethnic minority.

JinShanLing to SiMaTai, north east of Beijing city. The last film shows various sections of the Great Wall as seen from a 'toy' helicopter.

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In a few hours it will be China's 'Singles Day' 11 / 11. Single ? Celebrate your freedom ;) Regardless, we hope all our visitors will one day find (or have found) their true love .

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The Tonino Lamborghini ...

WHERE THE CITY DISAPPEARS AN ENCHANDED GARDEN ARISES By crossing the door you are entering a space of timeless beauty and luxury. Located on the banks of the picturesque Jinji Lake, the Tonino Lamborghini Boutique Hotel Suzhou has been embued with a special spiritual power.

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Traditional Chinese tea-house music

by admin

Traditional Chinese tea-house music ...

From left to right the instruments are pipa, yang qin, zheng, and erhu. The yang qin is fairly modern (20th century) so its strings are made from metal rather than the traditional silk strings of China.



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