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Filmed in November 2013.

Places featured: Hong Kong *, Li River (GuangXi) *, LiJiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge *, ChengDu (pandas), Tibet *, Shanghai, Beijing (wild Great Wall *); * indicates most footage

Highlights of an eight-week trip though Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai provinces (2007).

Filmed in December / January 2012 / 2013. Great videography. Winter is still a good time to visit China ...

* LiJiang, YunNan province

AnHui, 安徽, lies in East China, just to the west of JiangSu province and ShangHai, and noted for its cuisine and materials related to calligraphy (paper and inkstone). Tourist destinations include HuangShan mountain, HongCun and XiDi ancient villages, Chao Lake, TaiJi Cave, ZhenFeng Pagoda and ZuiWeng Pavilion.
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Tian Keng, the ‘Heavenly Pit’ : base jump (extreme sport)

by admin

Two very well-made films.

Millions of years old, half a mile deep, waiting for aeons to test the endurance, skill and courage of the men who dare to parachute into her heart.


Tian Keng is 'near' ChongQing. The primeval forest at the bottom contains some plants extinct elsewhere.



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