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ZhangJiaJie is one part of WuLingYuan National Forest Park in Hunan province, south China, and is a wonderland of strange peaks, stunning valleys, ancient trees, caves and waterfalls.

The exquisitely beautiful LiJiang (丽江) is located in YunNan province in south west China and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

With a great song by Pharrell Williams

A hike along many sections of the Great Wall of China near Beijing.

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Love music? Don't miss this great film (turn up the volume; high quality audio) .

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The Tonino Lamborghini ...

WHERE THE CITY DISAPPEARS AN ENCHANDED GARDEN ARISES By crossing the door you are entering a space of timeless beauty and luxury. Located on the banks of the picturesque Jinji Lake, the Tonino Lamborghini Boutique Hotel Suzhou has been embued with a special spiritual power.

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Karst climbing

Beijing from the air

Li river (Guilin, YangShuo)

China trip (ShangHai, SuZhou and HangZhou)

Hutong ricksaw ride

Tian Keng, the ‘Heavenly Pit’ : base jump (extreme sport)

by admin

Two very well-made films.

Millions of years old, half a mile deep, waiting for aeons to test the endurance, skill and courage of the men who dare to parachute into her heart.


Tian Keng is 'near' ChongQing. The primeval forest at the bottom contains some plants extinct elsewhere.



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