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Discover amazing, beautiful China 中国
Ancient roots, modern outlook; a wide variety of natural landscapes; diverse cultures; so much to see and do; welcome to China ...
Winter trip to LiJiang 李江 YunNan province
Winter wonderland in JiLin province
Together around China 中国 – video
Filmed in 2013. BeiJing, Forbidden City and Great Wall - ZhangJiaJie, National Forest Park and WuLingYuan Scenic Area - YangShuo, Li River - Shangri-La, SongZanLin Monastery and BaLaGeZong - ShanGri-La - Grand Canyon National Park - Tiger Leaping Gorge - YangTse River - LiJiang, Old Town - Hong Kong.
The Harbin 哈尔滨 Snow and Ice Festival, Travelogue
Runs from January 5th to the end of February each year.The artistic side of this cultural tradition derives from the making of wind-proof shells for candle-based lanterns using hollowed-out ice blocks.
Surfing, HaiNan 海南 island, south China
A visual introduction to QingDao 青岛, ShanDong province
Chinese New Year fireworks, Hong Kong 香港, 2016
Sailing into Hong Kong 香港
And night-time departure ...
Beginner / post beginner general practice / vocabulary building
Fast paced and fun ...
China 中国 travel trip, with drone (2)
The beautiful Temple of Heaven 天坛, BeiJing – slideshow – video
A film by and ...

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