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Near Beijing

Scenic outdoor adventures for the intrepid ...

One of China's most vibrant cities ...

The Giant Buddha is located at the confluence of three rivers, near LeShan city in SiChuan province.

The poetry of nature ...

Awesome feel-good dance video ...

Locations: The Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the "Bird's Nest" Beijing National Stadium, QianHai - HouHai, the Temple of Heaven, ZhongShan Park and The Place mall.

The exquisitely beautiful LiJiang (丽江) is located in YunNan province in south west China and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Traditional Chinese tea-house music

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Traditional Chinese tea-house music ...

From left to right the instruments are pipa, yang qin, zheng, and erhu. The yang qin is fairly modern (20th century) so its strings are made from metal rather than the traditional silk strings of China.



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